red bird

A coiled piece inspired by red breasted robins, seen in the Springtime.

All the pieces in this gallary were made especially for a gallery exhibtion at The General gallery in Amonte Ontario.  (See the Events page for more details.)

exhibition at the general

The General Gallery, located in Almonte Ontario, is presenting an exhibition showcasing Janet's work along with artist Norman Takeuchi's paintings. (June 2018).  


Credit for all the photos in this gallery goes to Richard Skrobecki. 

Lucky Duck

A contrast of smooth body and uneven edges.


A deceptively simple, yet timeless form.


A complex piece evoking the movement and power of sand


Cold, silvery colour matched the shape and feel of this coiled piece


Janet was exploring relationships between line, extension, and overlap in this piece

High rise

Curves meets square lines in this cityscape piece



This piece is highly complex and was challenging to sculpt due to the overbalanced edges that contrast and offset the body of the container 

Small Tweet

This piece inspired by bird shapes, from egg to beak