Aug 15


  • Shenkman Arts Centre des arts Shenkman - Dust Evans Gallery

"With clay, I can create sinuous curved forms which define contained space, have movement, balance, and surfaces which invite touch.  Coiling facilitates the shapes of growth, asymmetries, and interrelationships on which the forms depend.  Fifty years of working to reach this point leave me wanting more time with clay." - Janet Keefe, May 2017

Visit the Dust Evans Gallery for this exhibition of recent works by Janet Keefe.


Workshop - "Best in Slow"
Feb 19

Workshop - "Best in Slow"

  • Gladstone Clayworks

The considered art of coiling is probably the most ancient but under-appreciated construction method and ranges from the most primitive to extremely sophisticated work.  Making and firing offer chances to simply connect with earth and fire, while the ideas expressed connect with today's world.

This way of making is uniquely rhythmic and calming, offering tranquility and quiet contemplation while working with the ever intriguing material - clay.

This workshop is presented by the Ottawa Guild of Potters.  
Please contact Kim Lulashnyk for more information.